Step-by-Step Guide on Paying NITP Annual Membership Dues

NITP dues payment banner

Dear members,

The NITP Executives is happy to announce that this year, members will be able to make payment of their annual membership dues via the Institute’s online portal. This is part of the continuous and deliberate effort to improve on the Institute’s processes by adopting modern technologies to provide quality services to members. Hence forth, membership payment will be through this new payment platform and it will also ensure members are able to pay for their dues promptly to avoid delayed payments. Furthermore, once payments are made, an e-receipt is generated and sent to members automatically which all members are expected to present at the National secretariat for a physical receipt but pending then could be used as a prove of payment for any official purpose.

To ensure that all members adopt this new payment system, a step-by-step guide on how to complete your annual membership dues via the Institute’s payment system is described below. Please note that you will need an active email address to successfully complete this payment. This shouldn’t be an issue as you can use your already existing email address or sign up for one be it Gmail or Yahoo, the choice is entirely yours. You are also required to write the email address correctly to avoid a bounce back of messages.

    1. To begin the payment process, kindly launch a web browser and visit the NITP website -
    2. Once you are on the page, you will click on the “membership” tab on the top just beside the NITP logo. This will take you to the membership section of the NITP website.
    3. Once you are on the membership page, scroll down to the bottom of the page just before the footer and you will see a section with the header title as “Membership Dues/Subscription”
    4. On the side or below the “Membership Dues/Subscription” section, you will see a widget of “Full Membership Dues” with amount expected to be paid and under this a “Pay now” button. If you are a NITP Full Member, please click on the “Pay now” button.
    5. There is another widget of “Fellow Membership Dues” with the amount expected to be paid and under this, a “pay now” button. If you are a NITP Fellow Member, please click on the “pay now” under this widget area.
    6. If you have clicked “pay now” on the appropriate membership level, a page will open up with the header indicating you are subscribing to pay your membership annual due (either Full Member or Fellow Member).
    7. Please note that there is a minimal transaction charge which will be added to the respective membership due when paying through this platform and it will be indicated on top of the page.
    8. Please fill the form on this page with the appropriate information requested and click the “pay now and subscribe to this plan” button.
    9. A secured payment window will be opened for you to insert your debit card detail and once the requested information is inserted, click on “Pay”.
    10. Once your payment is accepted, you’ll see a payment successful sign and you will be redirected to the NITP membership page ( and a copy of your e-receipt is sent to the email as provided in “step 8”.
    11. This completes your membership payment for 2021 and the NITP National Secretariat will update your records seamlessly. Also, you can present the e-receipt you received in your email at the NITP National Secretariat to collect a physical receipt at any point in time. The e-receipt is regarded as your prove of payment for official purpose pending when you collect your physical receipt.

Kindly note that to ensure members pay their dues, the above process subscribes you to automatically paying your dues annually without having to go through the above processes again. For example, in 2022, a notification email will be sent to you to inform you that your NITP annual membership dues will be deducted from your account. If you don’t want this payment to be processed, you can cancel your subscription with a button indicated in the email.

Also, for members that have not paid their dues for previous year, kindly note that a separate email will be sent to you personally for you make payment for the number of years of you might be owing for.

All complaints or issues relating to the membership dues payment should be sent to and they will be treated as appropriate.