Registration for the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners’ 2021 Annual National Conference is now open

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Dear esteemed members,

The Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP) was established in the year 1966 as the professional association of people trained to practice the art and science of bringing order and creating functional and sustainable cities and communities with the sole aim of facilitating the achievement of sustainable development in the nation. This aim is fostered through Town Planning Education, Training, Research and Practice as well as the dissemination of Town Planning information in conferences, seminars, meetings, exhibitions and publications. Academic and research papers aimed at enriching the body of knowledge of the theory and practice of urban and regional planning are presented by eminent scholars and practitioners. It has been a forum for exchanging ideas on contemporary issues and generating thoughts on current best practices. Over the years, it has continued to attract much patronage from within and outside Nigeria, among members of the Institute and non-members due to its richness in content. It attracts experienced, knowledgeable and versatile professionals and policymakers to interact and share knowledge on issues related to shaping the physical environments of human settlements. Apart from presentation of academic and research papers in syndicate sessions and panel discussions there shall be induction of new members into the association and meetings of various functional groups of the Institute. It shall end with the Annual General Meeting after which a communique shall be issued.


The National Conference shall be held at Port Harcourt in Rivers State. This City which is the 5th largest city in Nigeria is popularly known as the Garden City because of its richness in greenery. The city provides a lot to learn and know as well as ample opportunities to relax and recreate. The conference will provide appreciable therapy for personal development in the profession.


The Conference shall commence on Monday 25th October and end on Friday 29th October 2021.


The theme for the conference is “Planning Human Settlements in Nigeria for Resilience and Sustainability”. The theme was selected in view of its contemporariness and relevance to the current situation in Nigeria. It is intended to address issues related to the resilience of cities and other levels of human settlements in the face of the covid 19 pandemic, security challenges, impacts of climate change, poverty and other physical and social manifestations of shocks and stresses in the human environment.


Participation in the conference shall be open to all members of the Institute, related professionals, policymakers, members of the political class, law enforcement agencies, traditional institutions and the general public from within and outside the country subject to registration. The Annual General Meeting is however, restricted to members who are in good financial standing only. Registration shall be done through the electronic platform whose details are provided on the website as explained in this document.

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A Conference Logo has been designed for this programme. This can be used on souvenirs or branded gift materials which may be distributed or sold at the conference. Interested producers are to apply and obtain franchise from the Institute on fulfilling requisite obligations. The application should be directed to the National Secretary of NITP, Plot 2047, Michael Okpara Street, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja or through the email of the Institute not later than 30th September 2021. Defaulters shall be duly prosecuted in a court of competent jurisdiction.


The Conference offers opportunities for consultants, professionals, producers, public and private institutions to sponsor and exhibit their products and services at the venue. Interested persons should also contact the National Secretary through the above address and email not later than 30th September 2021.

Expecting you there. Please register early. Cheers.


Tpl. Austin Ukanwa, FNITP
National Secretary.