Registration for the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners’ 2020 National Conference and Annual General Meeting is now open


Dear esteemed members,

The registration for the 51st NITP National Conference and Annual General Meeting is now open and we are happy to inform you all that this year, alongside the traditional payment system, we are launching an online payment option for the conference. This is part of our commitment to adopting modern technologies to provide quality service to our members. Also, with COVID-19 still lingering, we are determined to make sure our members are safe and avoid being exposed through walking into banking halls to make payment.

In essence, you have two (2) options in paying for the NITP National Conference and Annual General Meeting registration this year.

    1. Payment via
    2. Payment via deposit at the banking hall

To ensure members can seamlessly complete their registration through any of the options above, we have written this guide. Please note that you will need an active email address to successfully complete any of the payment options. This shouldn’t be an issue as you can use your already existing email address or sign up for one be it Gmail or Yahoo, the choice is entirely yours. You are also required to write the email address correctly to avoid a bounce back of messages.

Payment via

To begin the process of registering through the Institute’s payment portal, kindly visit and you will see all relevant details about the 51st NITP National Conference and Annual General Meeting. If you are NOT an NITP member, please use this link to register for the conference. Follow the steps below afterwards to complete the registration process.

    1. After reading the details of the conference as contained on the conference page, click on the “Purchase Ticket” tab on bottom right of the page.
    2. You will be taken to a page where you will review your purchase and click on “proceed to checkout”.
    3. On the checkout page, you will have to fill in your personal information. Please take your time to fill the required information on this page as this will be used to process your payment and also confirm your registration for the conference.
    4. When you’re done filling the information, scroll down and click on the “place order” at the bottom right of the page. (Note that you won’t be able to place order if you don’t fill all the required information fields)
    5. Once you’ve clicked on place order, a new page will display your order details and a “Pay Now” button below. Click on “Pay Now”
    6. This will open up a secured payment gateway where you can insert your debit card details to process payment by clicking “Pay”.
    7. Once your payment is accepted, you’ll see a payment successful sign and you will be redirected to a thank you page showing you a summary of your order and a copy of this page is also sent to your email as provided in “step 4”.
    8. Simultaneously, another email containing an e-payment receipt will be sent to the email address as provided in “step 4”. This completes the process of your payment.
    9. The NITP National secretariat will review your payment as received and automatically generate your e-ticket for the 51st NITP National Conference and Annual General. This will also be sent to your email. Kindly note that this may take a few days due to the volume of registration being processed by the NITP National Secretariat.
    10. All members that registered via the payment system MUST print their e-ticket (either in coloured or black/white) from their email and bring it to the conference as this is a confirmation that you registered for the conference.

Payment via deposit at the banking hall

This is the traditional method of payment that the Institute has used for previous conferences and as such, members should be familiar with this method. All you need to do is to walk into any Zenith Bank branch and use the teller system to pay into the NITP Conference Account as detailed below.

NITP Conference Account Details
Account Number: 1011385263
Bank: Zenith Bank

Please make sure you include the following personal information below on the teller to help the NITP National Secretariat process your payment appropriately. All information on the teller must be legible.

    1. Name (First name and Surname) eg. Olutoyin Ayinde
    2. NITP Number
    3. Mobile Number
    4. Email Address

After payment is made, a scanned copy of payment should be emailed to with the subject: “[Your first name and surname]’s Payment (eg. Olutoyin Ayinde’s Payment) for 51st NITP Conference”. Also, in the body of the email, retype the personal information listed above and attach your teller receipt.

This will be processed by the NITP National Secretariat and you will be communicated via email with a confirmation of your registration.

All complaints or issues relating to the conference registration via either method should be sent to and they will be treated as appropriate.

For student members, please send an email to and the NITP National Secretariat will communicate with you on how to process your registration.


National Conference Planning Committee.