NITP New Executives Visit AIHS, Calls for Collaboration in Raising The Awareness for the Town Planning Profession and Orderly Development of Human Settlements


The newly elected executives of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP), paid a visit to the Abuja International Housing Show (AIHS) media group on Tuesday.

The courtesy visit which was led by the new president of the association Tpl. Toyin Ayinde was to acknowledge the support of AIHS media group towards the association and its immense contributions in the field of housing and human settlement development in Nigeria.

The town planners who also solicited the support of the Executive Director of AIHS, Festus Adebayo, noted that his contribution in the area of housing is “unparalleled.”

The body urged the AIHS boss to sustain the tempo of the areas which he has excelled while putting in more efforts as the rewards for hard work is more work.

In a speech delivered by the president of the association, the body states, “It is with great pleasure that we have come on this visit. Hitherto, the interaction between the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP), that we represent, and your organization has been less than formal and also not as consistent as it should be Permit me to acknowledge that your interest in the profession of Urban and Regional Planning is an unusual one, for someone who did not receive training as an urban planner. For example you purposely dedicated your media crew to cover the opening ceremony, as well as other activities of our National Conference which held from Monday. 19 October to Thursday, 22 October, 2020. This really meant a lot to us in a nation where many want to be induced to report important events: you offered your service without any prompting. We appreciate this.

“The passion that you demonstrate in matters that concern livable human settlements, particularly in the area of housing is unparalleled. No wonder you have been able to host the Abuja Intentional Housing Show consistently for 14 years, not even the COVID-19 pandemic could stop you as you held this year’s edition virtually, and it was eminently successful. We also thank you for devoting a special day for Town Planning in the 2020 International Housing Show.


“Our visit here today is for three reasons:

1. To acknowledge your immense contributions in the field of housing and human settlement development.

“2. To also note and appreciate your love for the Nigerian Institute of Town Planters and the profession of Urban and Regional Planning. particularly for finding the time to cover vital aspects of our Conference, and 3. To seek your collaboration in raising the awareness for the Town Planning profession and the orderly development of our human settlements.

“For those areas in which you have excelled, we can only urge you on to continue to sustain the tempo, while seeking to do more, for the reward for good work is more work.”

The president who went further to explain what the effect of the vandalisation of public infrastructure emanating from the #EndSARS protests would be on housing, said that such destruction and looting could only be done by “undeveloped minds,” as resources meant for other things would be redirected to rebuilding of things destroyed.

The town planners expressed deep sympathy for the losses experienced, reiterating that its an opportunity for a national rebirth. It also called for raising awareness across all Nigerians on urban planning and orderly settlement.

Source: Africa Housing News