NIGERIAN INSTITUTE OF TOWN PLANNERS (NITP) Garden City 2021 National Conference: Call for Submission of Abstract.

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1.0 Preamble
The National Conference of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP) is one of the events for presentation of academic and research papers aimed at enriching the knowledge of the theory and practice of urban and regional planning in Nigeria. It has been a forum for exchanging ideas on contemporary issues and generating thoughts on issues on the front burner as well as exploring current best practices.

2.0 Dates and Venue of the Conference
The Conference is proposed to commence on Monday 25th October through Friday 29th October 2021 in Port Harcourt in Rivers State.

3.0 Theme
The theme for discussion this year as recently approved by the National Council is “Planning Human Settlements in Nigeria for Resilience and Sustainability”. This theme was chosen to engage professionals and people from all walks of life to investigate and proffer reasonable response to contemporary issues in human settlements in Nigeria. These range from the increasing urbanization and the challenges being faced by the urban and rural dwellers in their environments such as increased environmental degradation, climate change, natural/man-made disasters (flooding, fire, building collapse), climate change, social problems, poverty, infrastructural deficit, slum and inadequate technical capacity and human resources to manage the changes. Apart from the global issues of vulnerability, insecurity, restiveness and the pandemic, Nigeria is particularly battling with insurgency, banditry, kidnapping and other socio-economic problems. Furthermore, our leaning towards consumption than production has exposed the nation to unsustainable practices; these need to be deliberated and proffered solutions.

Over the years, the National Conference has continued to attract much patronage from within and outside Nigeria, between members of the Institute and non-members due to the richness of its content. It has always attracted experienced, knowledgeable and versatile professionals and policy makers who are engaged in discussions and expositions in thematic areas with a view to enriching the knowledge base of practicing and upcoming professionals. This year, the National Conference promises to be richer than ever before as it will attract more participants from various parts of the world.

It is hoped that the presentations will position Nigerian Government, town planners, and related professionals in the built environment to lead the resilience agenda and generate pragmatic steps towards sustainable physical, social and economic transformations that will make human settlements more livable, prosperous, healthy, safe, functional and indeed aesthetic.


4.0 Sub-themes
For the theme above to be intensively and effectively discussed, the following thematic areas are to be explored.

  • Resilience as Concept: integration into planning theory, professional practice, planning education etc
  • Resilience in Practice: building back better – COVID-19, community resilience practice, secondary cities
  • Policies and Politics of Resilience and Sustainability: History of planning, planning laws and regulations, Rebuilding the NE, National
  • Development policies and plans, SDGs and the New Urban Agenda
  • Social Sustainability: #endsars, emergency management, public health and planning
  • Economic Sustainability: responding to recession, youth in the city.
  • Environmental Sustainability: climate change, slums, disaster management, planning administration and urban governance.
  • Resource Exploitation, Environmental Management and Physical Planning in Nigeria.
  • Urban Futures: The post-pandemic city, the resilient city, the sustainable city,

    5.0 Time Line
    All abstracts are to be submitted before close of work on Monday, 8th March 2021. Note that there may be no extension of time.


    6.0 Submission
    Abstracts which should not be more than 250 words should be submitted in soft copy to:

  • NITP National Headquarters:
  • Tpl. Nathaniel M. Atebije, FNITP, Chairman Conference Planning Committee.
  • Miss Peggy Ejiga, Desk Officer for Conference Planning:
  • Tpl. Eric Mbaukaan, MNITP, Executive Secretary,
  • Tpl. Chime Andrew Ogbonna, FNITP, 2nd National Vice President,
  • Tpl. Austin Ukanwa Ugoh, FNITP, National Secretary,
  • Tpl. Susan T. Sheyin, MNITP, National Financial Secretary,
  • Tpl. Edmund Nwokaeze, MNITP, National Public Relations Secretary,
  • Tpl. Emmanuel Ikechukwu, MNITP, Chairman Rivers State Chapter (Host)
  • Tpl. Kamoru Adeyemo, FNITP, Chairman Membership Committee,

    We look forward to your personal involvement in the process.

    Kindly accept the assurances of the esteemed regards of the National President, Tpl. Olutoyin Ayinde, FNITP.

    Tpl. Nathaniel M. Atebije, FNITP
    1NVP/Chairman Conference Planning Committee