Nigerian Institute of Town Planners’ 2020 National Conference and Annual General Meeting


The Management Committee of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP) has taken time to review the COVID-19 Pandemic and its effect generally on life and conduct of business in Nigeria. While we cannot be said to be out of the woods yet, we also realize that we cannot adopt a do-nothing approach.

The pandemic has had severe impact on some of the events/activities of the Institute scheduled to hold earlier in the year like the Mandatory Continuing Professional Development Programme (MCPDP) and the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM), consequent upon the lockdown imposed by the government.

As the lockdown has begun to ease, and some of the NITP and TOPREC activities gradually taking place, the Management Committee has also taken steps, while still studying the situation, to work on the possibility of hosting a physical National Conference and Annual General Meeting (AGM) in view of the fact that this is an election year.


51st National Conference and Annual General Meeting

Venue: Chida Hotel & Event Centre, Solomon Lar Way, Abuja
Date: Monday 19th - Thursday 22nd, October 2020

An online questionnaire was sent out a few weeks ago to capture responses from members on the willingness to attend a physical National Conference and AGM in Abuja. 80% of respondents were willing to attend the physical Conference.

The Management Committee has therefore taken the following steps:

    a. Secured a venue large enough to permit physical distancing;
    b. Reduced the duration of the Conference and AGM from four to three days without losing expected details;
    c. Maximized the period to incorporate activities that otherwise would have been held separately, for example, Investiture of new fellows and the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to ratify amendments to the NITP Constitution;
    d. Ensured that online payment and online registration are made available for the National Conference and AGM (Details of registration will be shared soon) ;
    e. Online issuance of Certificate of Participation to attendees, and
    f. Making all necessary efforts to make facilities available for hand-washing/sanitizing in conformity with the NCDC COVID-19 protocols.

The above are deemed necessary to make a physical Conference possible and as safe as possible. The NITP considers every member very important and would take every step possible to ensure the safety of its members. It is on this basis that the National Conference flier and the draft programme are being published for members’ attention and necessary action. We do sincerely believe that you would mobilize members (and even non-members who are interested) to attend the Conference.
Programme of the Conference is attached for your information.


National Conference Planning Committee.