Call for Papers for the 51st National Conference of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP)

Call for Papers

Call for Papers


Notice is hereby given that the 51st national conference/Annual general meeting of the Nigerian Institute of town Planners (NITP) Will be held In Abuja, Federal capital territory, Nigeria From Monday, 19th October to Friday, 23rd October, 2020

The Nigerian Institute ofTown Planners (NITP) is a professional Association of persons practising the profession of Urban and Regional Planning in Nigeria.The Institute regularly holds its National Conference and Annual General Meeting during which issues of national importance and relevance are discussed and recommendations are published for the attention of Government and others takeholders, inorder to facilitate and organize the growth and physical development of human settlements in our Nation.

The 2020 Edition of the National Conference is the 51st in its series, scheduled to hold in Abuja, Federal Capital Territory from Monday, 19th October to Friday, 23rd October, 2020. Its purpose is to assemble all urban and regional planning professionals in the academia, public sector and private practice, as well as, scientists, urban administrators, researchers, political office holders at all levels of governance, real estate developers and consultants, ICT specialists, stakeholders in human settlement development and other service providers. It will provide the opportunity to exchange views and share experiences and research results, and to have an exchange of ideas on various aspects of human settlement planning, development and management. It will particularly provide the opportunity to host government officials and to assess the level of progress achieved on the Agenda 2030, allowing an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, practitioners, administrators, and educators to present and discuss the challenges encountered and propose an agenda that would guarantee sustainability of physical planning and development of settlements in Nigeria.

The theme for the 2020 Conference is:



The sub-themes are:

    1. Conceptual and methodological issues in envisioning Nigerian cities beyond 2020
    2. Informal Sector Planning and Management
    3. Plan preparation, Implementation and consultancy services and the Nigerian cities beyond 2020
    4. Planning For Public Spaces and Urban Ecological Services
    5. Rural and Regional Development Planning and the Nigerian cities beyond 2020
    6. Smart Design, Place Making and Inclusive Cities
    7. Urban Governance, Management issues and the Nigerian cities Beyond 2020
    8. Urban Infrastructure, Transportation Planning and Management and the Nigerian Cities Beyond 2020
    9. Resilience Planning and Sustainable Urban Development
    10. Urban Security and Safety Initiatives
    11. Issues inaccess to Urban Land and the Nigerian cities beyond 2020.

The National Conference Planning Committee hereby calls for submission of high quality papers on the Conference sub-themes for discussion during the Conference. Papers are expected to be original, conceptual, constructive, empirical, practical, experimental theoretical in presentation.

Final paper presentations shall be on A4 paper double line spacing, New Times Roman font of 12 points and not exceeding 15pages, including references.The following are further required:

  • Papers must be appropriately referenced;
  • Illustrations (features, maps, diagrams) in colours must be clear and distinct;
  • Presenters are also required to prepare PowerPoint submissions not exceeding 15 slides, including the cover and appreciation slides; and
  • All would-be presenters are expected to register to participate in the Conference
  • All submitted Conference papers in softcopy, will be subjected to blind peer review by competent reviewers. The Conference Planning Committee reserves the right to step down submissions that do not conform to the stipulated requirements without explanations to the contributors. All submissions would be duly acknowledged.

    Abstract of papers are to be submitted by authors to the email addresses stated below on or before Friday, 27th March, 2020. Abstracts not submitted on the deadline would not be entertained.

    Complete papers (prose only) should be submitted on or before Friday, 22nd May, 2020 to the same addresses in the following order, first to the Institute’s email address and others copied

  • Nigerian Institute of Town Planners ( 07058041107
  • Tpl. Toyin Ayinde FNITP ( 08033013849
  • Tpl. Nathaniel Atebije FNITP ( 08037003639
  • Tpl. Patrick Nyam FNITP ( 08038179213
  • Tpl. Eric Mbaukaan MNITP ( 07038183465
  • Authors of papers cleared for conference presentation will receive notification and further directives on preparation of PowerPoint versions of their papers. All corrected papers must reach the Conference Planning Committee on or before Friday, 10th July, 2020 to qualify for inclusion in the publication of the Conference Papers, while outstanding presentations may be recommended to the Editorial Board for inclusion in the Journal of the Nigerian Institute of Town Planners (NITP).

    Conference sponsorship and exhibition opportunities
    The Conference offers opportunities for individuals, real estate developers and investors, private organizations and public agencies to sponsor and/or exhibit their physical planning, urban development and related products within the premises of the Conference venue. Interested partners should please contact the names stated above to receive further details.

    Tpl. Sani Daniel FNITP