2022 NITP Professional Examination Notice

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Dear Applicants,

Application for the 2022 NITP Professional Examination is now out. This year, applications will be via the NITP official website which is a bit different from previous years, as such, Kindly read the detailed information below to understand how to apply.

Important Details for Applicants

Registration period:Monday 4th April to Friday 8th July, 2022. No late submission of application shall be entertained.
Examination timetable: shall be released 3 weeks before the examination
Mode of registration: Candidates are to pay and register online via the NITP official website: www.nitpng.org/nitp-exam-registration/
For contact and Inquiry call: 08166242666

NITP Examination for 2021 will be conducted at THREE (3) Centres nationwide, between Monday 22nd August to Saturday 27th August, 2022. The Centres are;

    1. IBADAN: The Polytechnic, Ibadan
    2. KADUNA: Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna
    3. OWERRI: Imo State University, Owerri

Examination Time: MORNING: 9:00am - 12:00noon, AFTERNOON: 2.30pm - 5.30pm

All fees MUST be paid online with ATM card. Log in to www.nitpng.org and fill in the form by your right-hand side (EXAM PAYMENT) and follow the payment instructions carefully and pay with your ATM card. On successful completion of payment, the registration form will automatically open for you to fill in and upload all credentials and submit online, not later than 5:00pm Friday 8th July, 2022.

On successful payment and registration, an email will be sent to you indicating your details of registration. You can also log in with the email used for payment to view the details provided. All applications should be accompanied with scanned academic credentials such as O/Level, ND/HND, BSc, MSc, PhD and other relevant certificates (including Technologist Certificates obtained from TOPREC for HND Graduates). Evidence of payment will be needed at the Examination Venue.

Important Notes to all Applicants

    1. Candidates are enjoined to make full payment before the closing date as the Board will not entertain part-payment.
    2. Registration and examination fee once paid is non-refundable
    3. Candidates are warned in their own interest not to bring mobile phone or such other devices into the examination Hall as anyone caught violating this instruction will be stopped from continuing with the examination and the paper will be CANCELLED.
    4. Candidates must use their examination numbers during their examination. CANDIDATES WITH WRONG OR NO EXAMINATION NUMBERS ON THEIR SCRIPTS WILL HAVE NO RESULTS.
    5. No change of examination centre shall be entertained from candidates after submission of application form.
    6. All Final stage candidates must complete and pass all courses including Dissertation in that stage within 5 years, failure to do so will result in the TERMINATION of the candidacy and starting the stage afresh.
    7. Candidates are to adhere to all conditions governing conduct of examination.
    8. Candidates are enjoined to study using the new syllabus (Copies are available at the NITP National Secretariat).
    9. There will be no new admission into 500 level.
    10. New entrants From 600 to 800 level are encouraged

Entry Points/Qualification for the Examination

    1. HND (URP) Graduates from NBTE and TOPREC accredited schools should start from 800 Level, but must register with TOPREC as technologist.
    2. HND/Bsc./ Msc URP Graduates from non NBTE/NUC & TOPREC accredited Schools are to start from 700 Level.
    3. Graduates (Bsc) of all other disciplines in the Built Environment (including Geography; Geography and Regional Planning) shall be allowed to start the Examination from 700 Level and must possess the relevant O’ Level Certificate.

Additional information about qualification has been documented in the NITP Exam Information handbook

National Publicity Relations Secretary